STP Voice – How to choose right operator for the VOIP telephony for IP PBX?

Many modern companies cannot imagine their work without an IP telephone, which allows them to cope with a few tasks much more easily and more cheaply than in comparison with a general usage telephone network. For example, with the help of the Internet or other IP-network it is possible to make a conference call, redirect calls, which in major companies is simply necessary, turn on a video connection, and much else. Moreover,
by connecting through an IP-telephone you do not have to be located in one concrete place: the availability of an Internet-channel with a high-capacity bandwidth is enough to provide a connection with an IP-phone’s provider.

To choose a VOIP provider is not easy. Essentially, it is necessary to determine what exactly what you expect from an IP-telephone, LOGO_Volp_Version_SMALLand make a decision according to this. For example, if you need to call clients often, then you need to pay attention to those providers who offer the lowest tariffs on outgoing calls. For example, there is the opportunity to make calls throughout the entire US with a single tariff. If you must work in the international market, it is worth paying attention to providers who offer the benefit of calling around the world and also offer the right to receive a direct number from practically any country.