Call center service – what is it?

Call center service – what is it? Call center is the entire infrastructure for a comprehensive and mass customer service using the telephone exchanges, databases and special IT applications allowing to manage relationships with customers. Currently, the term “contact center” is often used because the organizations wishing to be in direct contact with their customers, increasing their availability…

VoIP Trends for 2014


VoIP Trends for 2014

The VoIP market continues to grow, with the industry expected to bring in nearly $85 billion this year. VoIP services has moved well beyond the early adopter stage to mainstream status in many developed countries. New geographic regions are opening up, and SIP trunking and hosted UC continue to heat things up, fueling growth.

STP Voice – How to choose right operator for the VOIP telephony for IP PBX?

Many modern companies cannot imagine their work without an IP telephone, which allows them to cope with a few tasks much more easily and more cheaply than in comparison with a general usage telephone network. For example, with the help of the Internet or other IP-network it is possible to make a conference call, redirect calls, which in major companies is simply necessary, turn on a video connection, and much else. Moreover,
by connecting through an IP-telephone you do not have to be located in one concrete place: the availability of an Internet-channel with a high-capacity bandwidth is enough to provide a connection with an IP-phone’s provider.

To choose a VOIP provider is not easy. Essentially, it is necessary to determine what exactly what you expect from an IP-telephone, LOGO_Volp_Version_SMALLand make a decision according to this. For example, if you need to call clients often, then you need to pay attention to those providers who offer the lowest tariffs on outgoing calls. For example, there is the opportunity to make calls throughout the entire US with a single tariff. If you must work in the international market, it is worth paying attention to providers who offer the benefit of calling around the world and also offer the right to receive a direct number from practically any country.

VoIP Phones are Different. How to choose right variant for your business?

voip_phone_ciscoA VOIP handset may look like an ordinary analog phone, but internally they are very different. Those differences mean a lot when it comes to selecting phones for your VOIP system.

The first difference is the price. VOIP phones range from less than $100 to over $800 for a fully tricked out executive model.

Part of that difference is bells and whistles, just as the difference in analog phones. However much of the difference goes much deeper. There are huge differences in quality between inexpensive and not-inexpensive VOIP phones. If you’re selecting VOIP handsets, it pays to understand those differences.

What You Need to Know About Business VoIP ?

Business VoIP: What You Need to Know before investment?

Before you invest in a business VoIP service, it’s important to understand the security and reliability aspects of this type of technology. Additionally, you’ll want to be sure that you get the VoIP phone that’s best for you. This article explains the three options you have.

Will My Communications Be Safe?

Because VoIP is a telephone call over the internet, your system can be vulnerable to hacker attacks . Frequently, when a business VoIP is compromised, other companies swoop in and craftily take over your phone lines. They can record your conversations and watch what you do online. Hackers might instead access your communication line and sell your minutes to other people who don’t know that the company they’re purchasing minutes through is unscrupulous. If these companies use your international calling minutes, for instance, the fees can add up quickly. To help avoid situations like these, you can talk to a customer service rep from the business VoIP you use to find out what security measures it has in place.

How can i stay online with the same number out of office?

The era of traditional phone systems has come to an end. The new technology in called VOIP. Most are probably aware of the existence of this technology. Companies offer countless opportunities within the industry. With VOIP You won’t be attached to the main office: you can call from home, work, or from places with limited long-distance and international access. If you are planning to grow your business, open new locations, or otherwise make changes to your existing infrastructure, make sure your phone system is going to be flexible enough to make those cha

Five Must-Have Features for Business VoIP

A Voice-over IP (VoIP) solution can offer businesses a feature-rich phone system at a low cost. But while cost-savings may be the primary consideration in the decision to invest in a VoIP phone system, it is by no means the only benefit to consider. In fact, VoIP offers a number of additional features and benefits that can boost the system’s ROI even further.

The VoIP that will work best for your company depends on what the company needs.

VoIP has so much to offer that a company must be careful not to get too much or too little features attached to the service. Too many features results in wasting money because all the features are not being used to their full potential. Not enough features means a company will lose out on what STP team has to offer. All features chosen for the company must make the company more efficient. Some ideas to add to your must-have business list are listed below.