Call center service – what is it?

Call center service – what is it? Call center is the entire infrastructure for a comprehensive and mass customer service using the telephone exchanges, databases and special IT applications allowing to manage relationships with customers. Currently, the term “contact center” is often used because the organizations wishing to be in direct contact with their customers, increasing their availability…

VoIP Phones are Different. How to choose right variant for your business?

voip_phone_ciscoA VOIP handset may look like an ordinary analog phone, but internally they are very different. Those differences mean a lot when it comes to selecting phones for your VOIP system.

The first difference is the price. VOIP phones range from less than $100 to over $800 for a fully tricked out executive model.

Part of that difference is bells and whistles, just as the difference in analog phones. However much of the difference goes much deeper. There are huge differences in quality between inexpensive and not-inexpensive VOIP phones. If you’re selecting VOIP handsets, it pays to understand those differences.