VoIP Phones are Different. How to choose right variant for your business?

voip_phone_ciscoA VOIP handset may look like an ordinary analog phone, but internally they are very different. Those differences mean a lot when it comes to selecting phones for your VOIP system.

The first difference is the price. VOIP phones range from less than $100 to over $800 for a fully tricked out executive model.

Part of that difference is bells and whistles, just as the difference in analog phones. However much of the difference goes much deeper. There are huge differences in quality between inexpensive and not-inexpensive VOIP phones. If you’re selecting VOIP handsets, it pays to understand those differences.

Five Must-Have Features for Business VoIP

A Voice-over IP (VoIP) solution can offer businesses a feature-rich phone system at a low cost. But while cost-savings may be the primary consideration in the decision to invest in a VoIP phone system, it is by no means the only benefit to consider. In fact, VoIP offers a number of additional features and benefits that can boost the system’s ROI even further.

The VoIP that will work best for your company depends on what the company needs.

VoIP has so much to offer that a company must be careful not to get too much or too little features attached to the service. Too many features results in wasting money because all the features are not being used to their full potential. Not enough features means a company will lose out on what STP team has to offer. All features chosen for the company must make the company more efficient. Some ideas to add to your must-have business list are listed below.

Big Data Governance: 5 Lessons Learned From PRISM

Regardless of what you think of the NSA’s efforts to collect information on Americans,

one fact is clear: Big data is real, it’s here to stay and it’s dangerous.

By Jason Bloomberg

In the days since the news of the National Security Agency’s secret PRISM spying—oops, surveillance, initiative broke, there has been no end of consternation among the media and the Twitterverse. Regardless of what you think of the NSA’s efforts to collect information on Americans, one fact is clear: Big data is real, it’s here to stay and it’s dangerous.

VoIP – Total phone solutions for small business


If you are like most businesses, the answer lies somewhere between uncertanty and total disdain.

All small business owners know the importance of low cost overhead. Working smart with your money has never been more important than it is in today’s economy. A very efficient way for small businesses to save huge dollars is by subscribing to a Small business pbx system, also referred to as voice over internet protocol services. It is a method for making telephone calls by using the Internet. The technology became available around 1990 but with the recent advancements it has become a strong replacement for the traditional land line service.

5 Main Questions to Ask When Negotiating for a New Phone System

Determining which phone system is best for your organization’s needs can be a time consuming process. Yet, evaluating a new phone system demands your careful due diligence. Why? Because if you choose the wrong system, it could result in a costly mistake and produce long term consequences if your employees are stuck with a system that doesn’t fulfill your business needs.

When looking at what seems to be an endless variety of business phone systems on the market, don’t be afraid to hold your phone system vendor representatives accountable for making you comfortable when you’re ready to buy. Your vendor representative should be able to thoroughly answer every question you pose to them, and provide business terms that you feel comfortable with.

First step, when you choose your phone system organization  Make sure that you are prepared with  the right questions you know what you need for your business. This will help you eliminate the various risks involved with selecting the wrong system and to get the best deal for your company.

So, what are 5 vital questions to ask phone our system vendors while negotiating and well before you agree to make a purchase?

How to Choose a Right VoIP Service Provider?

Every business is looking to make money whether  small and mid-sized businesses. The best way to make it big is to embrace voip services.


Why choose hosted VoIP for my business?

Voip services enables you to save money that is useful in near future.  Voip services helps in maintenance and lowers cost of ownership. Voip service providers enables your employees productivity and making it very beneficial.

So many benefits – it really is a no brainer!

Why a business should switch to VoIP

Why your business should consider switching to VoIP

One way to reduce your business operating cost is to implement phone service through use of internet, also known as VoIP.    This breakthrough technology can drastically cut down your telephone expenses compared to traditional phone services. Many small to medium size businesses are already taking advantage of their existing network and implement VoIP phone systems calls through high speed internet connection.

If you’re a business owner, you should consider the benefits offered through VoIP technology.